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Whether you have a plumbing problem, water leak, clogged drain or your water heater has gone bad, our technicians can get the job done 24 hours a day.

Mobile Home Plumbing Repair Service

Don’t let a handyman trash you mobile home. Call Pronto Plumbing to set an appointment with an expert plumber.

Pronto Plumbing is your mobile home plumbing expert. We have serviced mobile homes for years. We understand how mobile homes built and how to solve problems unique to their plumbing systems.

Pronto Plumbing and Drains, One of San Diego’s Friendliest Plumbers, now offers a variety of services 24 hours a day. Our teams of licensed and professional plumbers are your best choice when it comes to your Plumbing, Heating & AC and Mobile Home Repairs.

Emergency Plumbing Service, 24 hours a Day

Many homes are suffering from deteriorating plumbing, old faucets that are no longer working correctly, heating and AC systems that no longer keep your home at a desired temperature. We can help resolve all of these problems. Give us a call and we will send one of our experienced technicians out to evaluate your problem and advise you on the best solution fitted for your needs. Don’t hesitate any longer. 

We also offer complete service for your mobile home. We can provide you with professional service whether you are in need of minor or major repair. 

So let’s face it. Things break down no matter what the hour or what day it is. Our 24 hour emergency service is second to none in San Diego and it’s surrounding cities. Rest assure that if you have an immediate need for plumbing repair or service that simply cannot wait till morning or until Monday when the other guys open, you can count on us to be there for you.